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Are Cheap Rehab Centers Effective?

Many people are wary of attending inexpensive drug rehab centers because they worry that they will not be as effective as more expensive ones. Both private and public rehab centers can be effective depending on the specific program, the patient, and whether or not these two factors work well together. If you are considering attending a cheap or free rehab center, consider the ways that it could benefit you.

The Level of Effectiveness of Cheap Rehab Centers

According to the DSHS, many low-cost treatment facilities are “providing effective services” to individuals in need of treatment. Unfortunately, many people who start abusing drugs and become addicted experience severe financial problems in addition to all of the other issues concerned with addiction and drug abuse. This is one of the reasons why cheap rehab centers can be very effective, as they provide treatment and services to individuals who have no other way of obtaining them.

In many cases, rehab centers are expensive and provide many types of treatments to the individuals who can afford them. It is important that cheap rehab centers remain open and effective for those who cannot attend rehab any other way.

What are the Treatments Provided?

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Th effectiveness of treatment centers depends on the treatments they offer.

Cheap rehab centers provide the same essential treatments that other centers provide. These include

  • A comfortable and non-judgmental environment
  • Medications that, depending on the substance(s) the individual has used, can:
    • Curb withdrawal symptoms
    • Dull cravings
    • “Reestablish normal brain function” (NIDA)
    • Prevent relapse
  • Therapies that include one-on-one and group sessions
  • A caring and trained medical staff
  • Family and relationship counseling
  • Vocational and resocialization services that help patients get back on their feet

These treatments are the ones that would be considered most essential to recovery and they are the ones which are usually provided by cheap rehab centers. If a facility provides at least the program that the individual feels comfortable with (and usually one that provides the option of both pharmaceutical and therapeutic treatment), it will be considered effective with their specific treatment plan.

Many people think that these facilities cut down on treatments in order to allow patients to attend without paying as much, but the essential and most effective treatments are almost always available. If a patient wants to receive medication and behavioral therapy (the two most widely used methods for the treatment of drug addiction), then they can usually find this type of treatment program at a cheap rehab facility.

Why Do More Expensive Facilities Exist?

More expensive rehab centers exist because there is a market for them. Many people are able to afford more expensive treatment, and some are willing to pay for the special accommodations or other treatments provided by these facilities. This does not mean that expensive facilities are inherently better or that cheaper facilities are; it just means that some people benefit more from one or that others may have the ability to attend expensive rehab centers that could possibly provide extra treatments, comforts, services, and perks.

What Do More Expensive Facilities Provide?

Often, more expensive facilities, which are usually privately owned, provide treatments or comforts that, while not always necessary, can help patients get through their rehab in a more relaxed or pleasant state. Some private facilities provide holistic treatments which might include “dance/movement therapy, Tai Chi, art therapy, leisure and recreational skills, spiritual growth and development, [and] cultural awareness and appreciation” (NCBI).

Some more expensive rehab centers might also provide gourmet meals, spas, and other comforts that can make rehab less uncomfortable and more relaxing. These services, while nice, are not actually necessary to the individual’s recovery which is why facilities can exist without them. Yes, they can make a person’s time in rehab much less stressful and more pleasant, but if you do not have the ability to pay for this type of facility, it is not always necessary.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment: Cheap and Effective

As an example of effective and cheap rehab, methadone maintenance is one of the most economical treatment types available. Methadone is used to treat opioid addiction, which is one of the most widespread drug abuse issues when it comes to both illicit and prescription opioids. Patients can attend treatment that provides medication, therapy, and vocational help while also giving them the ability to meet other patients dealing with the same addictions and issues in group therapy.

According to the NIJ, methadone maintenance is cheap and effective for both patients and the government. “According to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (2000), methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) has a cost–benefit ratio of 4:1. This means that for every $1 spent on MMT, $4 is accrued in economic benefit.” It is also a cheap and effective way for patients to receive all of the treatment options they may need for their opioid addictions but without paying high costs for private rehab.

Methadone maintenance has been used since the 1960s to help patients in need of this type of treatment. It has always been a cheap and well-managed program that has seen many successful patients who have been able to stop abusing opioids through the help of the program.

Effective and Cheap Rehab Done Right

Just like every private facility isn’t effective for every individual, every cheap rehab center won’t be as effective for every individual. This is why you must find a facility that specifically fits your needs when you are looking for an effective but cheap rehab facility. According to the NIDA, “effective treatment attends to the multiple needs of the individual” and that means it must address more than just the cost the person is willing to pay.

Cheap, effective rehab is available but can be difficult to find, so it is important that a person looking for this type of treatment do their research thoroughly. Visiting the center before your time there starts will also help you make sure that the center provides the effective treatment you’re looking for. Nevertheless, there are many facilities that provide effective treatment at a lower, more reasonable cost.

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