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How is Luxury Inpatient Rehab Different?

Luxury inpatient rehab is a place where people can go to detox and become free of drug or alcohol addiction in an environment that is lavish and private. Detoxing from a drug or from alcohol will be a stressful experience for a person to go through and can be painful as well. If a person is going through withdrawal symptoms and is already in a chaotic state of mind, their environment should meet their comfort levels or exceed the limits in which they are used to.

At a luxury inpatient rehab a person will live in an atmosphere similar to a five star hotel and will have their own private room and their own living space that they will be able to make home for the period of time they will be residing at the rehab.

Differences between a Luxury Inpatient Rehab and a Regular Inpatient Rehab

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Luxury rehab will likely have some extra amenities such as a pool or gym.

The key differences between a luxury inpatient rehab and a typical inpatient rehab are:

Atmosphere: A luxury inpatient rehab will promote an atmosphere that is peaceful and serene, an atmosphere in which a person can be alone when they wish and spend their days at the facility how they choose to, rather than a set schedule made for them filled with chores and activities that they must adhere to.

Privacy: a person will have their own private room with their own private bathroom as opposed to a shared room and bathroom. An individual at a luxury inpatient rehab will also have the ability to unwind and relax whenever they choose to by themself, and is not expected to join group meetings and participate in group activities if they do not wish to.

Food: The food will be significantly different from a regular inpatient rehab being that the majority of luxury inpatient rehabs hire professional chefs to prepare meals and the food served will be of a higher quality.

Amenities: A regular inpatient rehab can have the feeling of confinement or make a person feel like they are in an institution where there are little amenities offered for a person to enjoy. At a luxury inpatient rehab a person will have different types of amenities offered to them such as a gym, or a business center for them to do work if they choose to.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, research indicates that drug or alcohol abuse treatment can significantly help a person learn to live a drug free life.

Being in a comfortable and serene environment will enable to a person to feel more relaxed while going through treatment which in return can help a person get through their detox easier and help them to learn about the ways they can remain to live a drug or alcohol free life.

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