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Is There Inpatient Drug Treatment for Kids

Every year, a sample survey is taken among high school students in the 8th, 10, and 12th grades to collect data on current drugs and their growths or declines among high school teens. Monitoring the Future studies perceived risks, availabilities, and disapproval variances to gain insight into the trends and gage the attitudes and behaviors, regarding the various drugs.

Accordingly, in 2013, MTF data results showed that marijuana continues to be the most popular drug abused at an estimated rate of 36.4%. A number of illicit drugs, including prescription medications taken non-medically, cocaine, LSD, amphetamines, and MDMA, among others, held steady for the year. With so many drugs available to our kids, we must have access to treatment and inpatient drug treatment facilities are quickly integrating programs to do so.

What is Inpatient Drug Treatment for Kids?

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Inpatient programs for kids focus teaching kids the dangers of substance abuse and helping them heal.

Like adult inpatient drug treatment, the programs for kids work to help them get free from the drugs, maintain a drug free lifestyle, and function productively in school and society. Units are set aside to specifically address their individual needs. They provide professional counseling, support, and behavioral therapies designed to help the child recognize the consequences of drug abuse, focus on future alternatives, and cope with their thoughts or circumstances without using drugs. Under 24 hour supervision and care of psychiatrists and other professional clinicians the child is free to resume their studies without outside influences and learns to build healthy relationships with family, friends, and society.

Does Your Kid Need Inpatient Drug Treatment?

Kids are heavily influenced by their emotions, perceived images of themselves, environments, and peer pressure from the earliest of ages. They are curious about a lot of things and many will experiment with drugs or alcohol. We have no idea who will become prey to abuse and addiction from these substances, but, we all want the best for our kids. Abusing drugs, even marijuana, can affect their growth and development, put them in harm’s way, or cause behavioral problems that tear the family apart.

Inpatient drug treatment takes the child out of harm’s way and gives them time to develop the proper perspectives in their life that sometimes, we, as parents. cannot help them do on our own.

Signs of Drug Abuse

If you suspect that your kid is using drugs, there are several tests available to confirm it. Some of the common signs of drug abuse to look for are:

  • Changes in behavior patterns to revolve around other using drugs or other kids using drugs
  • Loss of interest in school or activities that they used to enjoy
  • Exhibiting unusual behaviors of isolation, hostility, anxiety, or depression
  • Cognitive problems involving memory, concentration, or focus
  • Physical problems such as fatigue, restlessness, or decreased motor functions
  • Excessive sleeping or disturbed sleep patterns
  • Possessions of paraphernalia such as lighters, pipes, rolling papers, straws or needles

Where do calls go?

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