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Inpatient Treatment from Beginning to End

Once you make the decision to seek out inpatient treatment, you might wonder what exactly is going to happen to you there. You might feel apprehensive about leaving your home and family. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are several predictable steps to inpatient rehab. Knowing what happens during these steps can help calm your fears about how inpatient rehab works.


The first thing that you will go through is the admitting process. This process starts with the admitting clerk asking you about your life and your addiction. Then the clerk will search your belongings and check for:

  • illegal substances
  • alcohol based products
  • things that could harm you or someone else
  • things that are against the rules of the inpatient rehab

Then the clerk will show you around and assign you a bed along with explaining the rules to the facility.


Beginning to End

You will undergo a physical and psychological evaluation that will help to create your personalized treatment plan.

Detoxification is the process of the drugs leaving your body. When you go through detoxification, you experience the symptoms of withdrawal. The symptoms you experience depend on the drug that you are coming off.

In most cases inpatient staff doctors give you medications to ease these symptoms but not all of the inpatient facilities offer this. If you want a treatment center that offers medication assisted detoxification, call 800-681-7369. We can help you find the right treatment center for you.

Evaluation and Treatment

Both before and after detoxification you will go through an evaluation. The reason why they do it before and after detoxification is during detox you are not yourself. The both the withdrawal and the drugs change your personality enough so the correct treatment might not be apparent when you first enter inpatient treatment.

A doctor will evaluate your medical health and provide for any of your medical needs. Then you will most likely be evaluated by a psychiatrist and a therapist to determine your needs. All of these needs are put into a personalized treatment plan for you to follow while you are in inpatient care.

Behavioral Counseling

During your treatment, you will go through a variety of different therapies. This behavioral counseling can help you discover:

  • who you are
  • what caused the addiction
  • what problems are a result of the addiction
  • how to correct the cause of the addiction
  • how to deal with the problems that the addiction caused

There are a variety of types of counseling that a therapist might recommend. These types include:

  • group therapy
  • individual therapy
  • peer therapy
  • 12 step programs

The type of counseling you choose depends on you and your therapist.

What Really Goes On During Drug Rehabilitation?


A doctor might also prescribe medications to help you with any mental or physical illness that might be contributing to the addiction. It might be a short course of treatment for a temporary side effect of the drugs or it could be a long term medication management therapy.

Finding the Right Inpatient Treatment Center

In this process finding the right inpatient treatment center is extremely important. Each center is different and can cater to different needs. For more information on the different treatment centers call us at 800-681-7369. We can help you end your addiction.