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20 Reasons to Look into Inpatient Rehab as a First Treatment Option

Many people do not consider inpatient programs until they try other programs and fail. There are many reasons to look into inpatient rehab as a first treatment option.

1. You Do Not Risk Exposure to Drugs or Alcohol

When you are in inpatient treatment, the facility is closed. You cannot get to drugs or alcohol.

2. You have Time to Learn to Deal with your Triggers

It takes time to learn to how to respond to triggers and other stimulus that invokes drug use. Inpatient treatment gives you that time.

3. If you are in an Abusive Environment, Inpatient Treatment gives you a Place to Stay

Many people addicted to drugs and alcohol come from abusive homes. Inpatient treats both the addiction and the abuse.

4. There is a Support Network Already in Place

Look into Inpatient Rehab

It’s much easier to form a support network in inpatient treatment compared to outpatient.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, support networks are a integral part of treatment. In outpatient treatment, it takes a while to form a support network, during inpatient treatment the support network is already there.

5. Inpatient Programs are Very Private

Inpatient programs value privacy, you are completely away from your life and those who know you.

6. If your Family uses Drugs or Alcohol you will be Away from Them

If drugs or alcohol are in use in your home inpatient care helps you avoid these things until you are ready to deal with them.

7. You have a Medical Staff Standing by Helping you through Withdrawal

Most inpatient centers have a medical side that deals with everything from medical emergencies to the symptoms of withdrawal.

8. You Decrease your Chances of Drug Overdose due to Relapse

When you are in inpatient care, you chances of relapse are low. When you withdrawal outside of inpatient care your chances of relapse and overdose due to relapse are very high.

9. Medications to Ease the Symptoms of Withdrawal are Offered

There are many medications that help with the symptoms of withdrawal, doctors can prescribe and monitor them during inpatient care.

10. There are People Available to Discover the Cause of your Addiction

There are counselors to help you find the cause of your addiction and therefore treat both it and the addiction at the same time.

11. You will Receive Counseling

The counseling you will receive is on a daily basis. To help you deal with all of the problems associated with your addiction quickly.

12. You can Engage in Alternate Forms of Therapy

There are many forms of therapy such as art, music, and animal therapies. Many inpatient facilities have a wide variety  of therapies.

13. Most Inpatient Centers have Exercise Facilities

Exercise is viewed as an important part of life, health, and recovery.

14. You are Away from Everyday Stressors

You do not have to deal with the day to day stressors of your life and home.

15. You Can Seek Spiritual Counseling While in Inpatient Rehab

Some rehab facilities have a variety of spiritual counselors available.

Top 10 Benefits of Inpatient Drug Treatment

16. There are More Community Activities and Sessions Available with Inpatient Treatment

You will be able to participate in community activities and group counseling in inpatient treatment, where you would not in outpatient treatment.

17. Some Inpatient Treatment Centers have Aquatics

In warmer climates, many inpatient centers have aquatic therapies along with exercise programs.

18. Many Inpatient Treatment Centers offer Eastern Medicine as a Form of Treatment

Alternate and eastern forms of medicine are available during inpatient treatment such as acupuncture and massage.

19. Inpatient Rehab is Highly Effective

Inpatient treatment and long term inpatient treatment are both extremely effective.

20. Inpatient Treatment is Simple to Find

You can find inpatient treatment simply by calling 800-681-7369Who Answers?. We can help you find the inpatient treatment center that is right for you.

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