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Is a Free Inpatient Drug Rehab Center Really As Good As A Private Treatment Center?

For people struggling with substance addiction, inpatient, or residential, rehab is an essential first step toward recovery. But the high cost of private rehabs can make that difficult if not impossible for many who need help.

Free, state-funded drug rehabs are available – but these facilities usually provide only the most basic rehab services, without the amenities and personal attention offered by private rehabs.

How Does Inpatient Rehab Benefit Recovery?

Both outpatient and inpatient rehab services aim to help people with addictions to stop abusing substances and rebuild their lives. But inpatient rehab increases the chances of long-term recovery. That’s because time spent away from triggers for addiction and stressful life circumstances creates opportunities to concentrate fully on recovery with round the clock support from therapists and other staff specially trained in addiction issues.

Private Treatment Center

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Essential recovery services offered by inpatient rehabs typically include:

Private treatment centers generally offer all these, and much more. Free, state funded inpatient rehabs may offer most of these, or fewer, depending on funding and other circumstances.

Private Inpatient Rehabs: Cost Reflects Quality

Private residential rehabs can cost up to $100,000 for a stay of thirty days, and costs can be covered by health insurance, payment plans or a combination of financing options. The high costs of this kind of rehab reflect both the quality and quantity of services offered.

Private rehabs are able to offer the newest approaches to treating addictions. These can include medically supervised detox, individualized treatment plans and therapy provided by leading practitioners.  Amenities like gyms and swimming pools create a resort-like atmosphere, and “guests” at these facilities can also choose from activities like yoga or art therapy to support their recovery.

Private rehabs are able to retain a large staff of counselors and other specialists who provide personalized support that can include dual diagnosis treatment for those who have a mental health condition along with addiction, or nutrition counseling. Though private rehabs can be located just about anywhere, they’re often found in relatively remote places where residents can be close to nature.

Free Inpatient Rehabs: Results From Bare Bones Treatment

For people who simply can’t afford private rehab, state funded inpatient rehab programs offer services for free to those who qualify.  These rehabs depend on a variety of funding sources from grants and other kinds of public assistance, so that those who have low incomes or no health insurance can still get help with addictions.

Because most free inpatient rehabs are funded by the state, the services they can provide vary from state to state, and so do eligibility requirements. For those who qualify, either by income or by a connection with related social service and criminal justice programs, these programs offer the same core recovery services that private rehabs do. But while private rehabs are able to offer cutting-edge therapies and intensive, personalized recovery support, free rehabs usually don’t have the funding for such services.

How Do Free Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Work

Free rehabs may provide detox and withdrawal support, but without the intensive medical monitoring available in a private facility. They typically offer counseling, but because therapists and counselors are often working to gain experience, services focus on group therapies and standard treatment plans. Accommodations may be more hospital-like than resort-style, with little attention to nutrition and overall wellness.

Because of the high demand for free services, and because some rehabs are specifically funded to serve certain populations such as pregnant women or those with HIV, free inpatient rehabs usually have a long waiting list. The need to free up space to serve more people can also mean that some patients are discharged before they’re ready.

Private rehabs offer the “gold standard” of inpatient addiction treatment. But free inpatient rehabs provide essential support for addictions – and a way to recovery for those without other options.

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