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Which Addiction Treatments Are Available at Low-Income Rehab Centers?

Anyone who has coped with addiction understands how this disease increases the risk for financial problems. Drug use can lead to loss of employment and problems with the law, and can even drain your bank account if you continue buying drugs to fuel your addiction. Fortunately, there are low-income rehab centers funded by churches, private organizations, and the federal and state governments that can help you fully overcome addiction.

Finding Low-Income Rehab Centers

Low-Income Rehab Centers

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Since addiction often causes problems with finances, many drug rehab centers offer several payment options to accommodate those with low income. Sliding-scale payment methods adjust the cost of treatment for your income level, while payment installment plans allow you to pay for treatment on a monthly basis. Some rehab centers offer free or discounted treatment to qualifying individuals based on factors such as pregnancy, military status, and disability.

Call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 800-681-7369Who Answers? to find low-income rehab centers in your area, or fill out our form to discuss your treatment options with a caring drug abuse counselor. You can also search for low-income rehab centers using SAMHSA’s locator tool, or contact your health insurance provider to find rehab centers covered by your plan.

Addiction Treatments at Low-Income Rehab

Each drug rehab center offers its own unique addiction treatments based on its provider and funding sources. For instance, treatment centers with high levels of funding may offer the latest services, including holistic therapies such as yoga and nutrition therapy. Rehab centers that receive less funding may offer more traditional addiction treatments that have been in use for several years or decades.

Addiction is commonly treated using a combination of detoxification, counseling, and aftercare. These therapies treat addiction as a whole both physically and psychologically. Detoxification helps you overcome physical dependence on drugs and substances, while counseling and aftercare help you address and overcome mental root causes of addiction.

Most drug rehab centers will tailor addiction treatments just for you based on your medical history and struggle with addiction. If you’ve been struggling with addiction to a mild substance for just a few weeks, you may only need detoxification to withdraw from substances. If you’ve been struggling with a years-long addiction, you may need counseling in addition to detox to overcome negative thoughts and behaviors driving your addiction.

Low Income Rehab Options for Heroin Addicts

Getting Help

Many addicts with low income tend to overlook addiction treatment under the impression that treatment is too costly or simply unaffordable. However, drug rehab centers are invested in improving public safety, and the health of individuals in local communities who struggle with addiction. When contacting drug rehab centers, don’t hesitate to ask about available payment options that can help you get treatment.

If you’re suffering from addiction and have low income, don’t let your financial status stop you from seeking the addiction treatment you need and deserve. Call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 800-681-7369Who Answers? to speak with a caring drug abuse counselor about your treatment options. We’ll help you find low-income rehab centers devoted to helping you or your loved one successfully achieve lifelong sobriety from substances.

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