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Choosing the Best Inpatient Poppy Tea Rehab Centers

A new craze is sweeping the world. People of all ages and backgrounds are now using poppy tea as a painkiller and recreational drug. Although poppy tea is not a new invention, it was never as popular as it is today.

Poppy tea is a simple tea brewed from a mixture known as poppy straw. Poppy straw is a mixture of all the different parts of the poppy plant and each of these parts contains:

  • Morphine
  • Thebaine
  • Codeine
  • Papaverine
  • Noscapine

Each of the above chemicals is an opiate. Although tea might seem innocent enough, it is highly addictive and dangerous. Like all of the opiates, poppy tea produces a euphoric high, followed by dependence, and addiction.

If you use poppy tea, there is an excellent chance you are an addict. Suffering from this addiction can take an incredible toll on your life, your family, and your health. The withdrawal alone is enough to prevent you from seeking the help that you need. Fortunately, inpatient poppy tea rehab centers can help. To find one, all you have to do is call, 800-430-1407Who Answers?.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient

When you are deciding on a residential drug addiction treatment program, the first choice you have to make is whether you want inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment. This is a difficult choice because there are both advantages and disadvantages to each.

Inpatient treatment is a residential form of treatment. The advantages of inpatient treatment centers include:

  • You can stay out of trouble and away from opiates.
  • There is no way you can get poppy tea at a treatment facility.
  • You will learn to deal with your triggers before you have to face them.
  • The environment is very structured and controlled.
  • You are safe at an inpatient facility.
  • There is less stress when you do not have to worry about meals or where you are going to sleep.
  • Being out of your home environment can be helpful.
  • It is generally considered to be more effective than other forms of treatment.

Disadvantages of inpatient treatment:

  • It is more expensive than some of the other forms of treatment.
  • You cannot be around your family all the time while you are in treatment.
  • You cannot attend school or go to work while you are in treatment.

Outpatient treatment is a nonresidential form of treatment. The advantages of outpatient treatment are:

  • You can schedule treatment around other activities.
  • You can stay in school or go to work while in treatment.
  • You have your family around you.
  • It can be less expensive than other forms of treatment depending on the treatment type.

There are also disadvantages of outpatient treatment:

  • You have to have transportation to and from appointments.
  • You are exposed to your triggers before you are ready to deal with them.
  • Poppy tea is easy to obtain and use when you are at home.
  • You do not have the support network that you would during inpatient treatment.
  • You are still near your stressor and the things that cause you to want to use poppy tea.
  • Many people do not stay in outpatient treatment for long enough.

Ultimately, you will need compare the positives and negatives of each form of treatment and decide which form is best for you. If you need help with that decision, all you have to do is call 800-430-1407Who Answers?.

Types of Inpatient Poppy Tea Rehab

Poppy Tea Rehab

If your addiction is severe, you will require inpatient poppy tea rehab.

After you make the decision of whether you need inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment, you will need to decide which type of treatment is best for your needs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a few of inpatient poppy tea rehab types are:

  • Detoxification hospital based rehab – this is done in a hospital or hospital setting and allows you to rid your body of the opiates.
  • Detoxification nonhospital based – this is done in an ordinary rehab setting and may or may not include medication.
  • Short term combination care – this type of inpatient rehab combines both detoxification and beginning counseling.
  • Long term residential treatment – this is the most complete type of care and combines detoxification and a full counseling program including an aftercare plan.

Each of these types of treatment contains many subtypes such as behavioral counseling, medication management, and medication assisted treatment.

Is Inpatient Poppy Tea Rehab Right for Me?

Determining whether residential poppy tea addiction treatment is right for you is not an easy thing to do. Making an informed choice may be difficult.

The factors that you need to consider when deciding if inpatient is right for you include:

  • The severity of your addiction.
  • How long you have been using for.
  • How much you use at a time.
  • What the impact of your use is on your friends and family.
  • You have tried other methods and  failed.

If any of these things is present, there is a good chance that inpatient poppy tea treatment is necessary.

How Long Will I Spend in Residential Treatment?

How long you will spend in treatment is entirely up to you. Any form of treatment is difficult. You are changing your habits, your lifestyle, and the way that you cope with life in general. How long you will remain in an inpatient drug rehab center is up to the work that you put into it.

There are some average treatment lengths. According to the Massachusetts Health and Human Services Department, treatment can be divided into two basic lengths:

  • Short term inpatient treatment – this is treatment that is intensive and lasts 14 to 90 days depending on the overall treatment type.
  • Long term treatment – this treatment is more comprehensive treatment that lasts anywhere from six months to a year.

The length of treatment you choose is up to you. If you start one length, you can always continue on if you are not ready to leave treatment. Some people stay in treatment longer than one year but these cases are extremely rare.

Where Can I Get Treatment for Poppy Tea Addiction?

You can get treatment for poppy tea addiction at any one of the many drug rehabs around the world. It is important to remember that not all rehabs are the same. You need a comprehensive inpatient poppy tea rehab in order for your treatment to be successful.

You will want a rehab that has the treatment types and programs that you need. Most of the opiate addiction centers will be familiar with the dangers of poppy tea and how it often leads to using other opiates such as heroin. Make sure the inpatient rehab you choose is familiar with treating this type of addiction.

Do I Really NEED Inpatient Poppy Tea Rehab?

According to the Justice Department, poppy tea is a lot more powerful than standard grade opiates. This can cause more problems than just an addiction. You need treatment from one of the inpatient poppy tea rehab centers if:

  • You have tried every other option and failed.
  • You overdosed on poppy tea or other opiates in the past.
  • You have issues with the law or courts due to your addiction.
  • Your poppy tea use is negatively affecting your job, your health, you family, and your finances.
  • You find your life consumed by finding, using, and coming down from poppy tea to the exclusion of all else.
  • You are using more and more of the tea to achieve the same feeling of euphoria.
  • You go into immediate withdrawal if you do not use the tea.
  • You are drinking the tea more often than you like.
  • You want to end your dependence on the poppy tea.

Each of these are reasons that you need inpatient rehab for your poppy tea addiction. You might have your own reasons such as a court order or pressure from your loved ones. Regardless of the reason, when you reach the point where the addiction is taking over your life, you need to find a rehab. To find the best one for you, just call  800-430-1407Who Answers?.

Choosing the Best Inpatient Opium Rehab Centers

Paying for Poppy Tea Addiction Treatment

There are a few ways to pay for residential poppy tea addiction treatment. One of the main ways to pay is through your insurance. According to the United States Health and Human Services Department,  most insurance companies now cover drug addiction treatment. Check with your insurance carrier to make sure that they cover the type of treatment you want.

Another way to pay for treatment is through a payment plan. Inpatient treatment may be costly but most of the treatment centers offer payment plans to suit every budget. They usually have you speak with a financial counselor before entering treatment so you know exactly where you stand.

Another payment option is through a sliding scale fee. A treatment center might offer a discount for people who are low income. You should ask the financial counselor at the treatment center for more information.

Choosing an Inpatient Poppy Tea Treatment Program

Choosing the right inpatient poppy tea rehab does not have to be difficult. There is a set of questions that you can ask that will make this choice easier. These questions are:

  • Is your facilities accredited?
  • Are all of your staff members certified?
  • What programs do you have to help me with my addiction?
  • What counseling methods do you use?
  • What services aside from addiction treatment do you offer?
  • What medications or medical programs do you offer?
  • Do you treat multiple disorders at once?
  • Can I change my treatment plan if I need to?
  • Do you follow the principles of addiction treatment?

Each of these questions can help you to tell if the facility you are looking at is the right one for you. Just as your needs vary, treatment centers also vary. For help choosing a treatment center that will work for you, call 800-430-1407Who Answers?.

What Happens After Rehab?

What happens after rehab is almost as important as what happens during rehab. It is vital that a rehab center have a solid aftercare plan. Aftercare differs depending on your treated and your choices. Some of the choices you have are:

  • Sober houses – residences that house everyone with the goal of remaining sober.
  • Continued counseling – your counseling continues on an outpatient basis.
  • 12 step programs – an addicts assisting other addicts community based program.
  • Medication maintenance – continued medication even after your treatment ends. This is useful in the case of chronic pain disorders coupled with addiction.

The aftercare program you choose can be as unique as your treatment plan. Aftercare is designed to help you re-enter society and minimize the chance that you will relapse back into your addiction.

Get Help Today

Inpatient poppy tea rehab centers are there to help you recover from this dangerous addiction before it is too late. Any opiate addiction can be devastating to your health, your life, and those around you. Isn’t it time for you to get help today. Finding help is easy, all you have to do is call 800-430-1407Who Answers?.

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