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I Need Help with Drug Addiction, Where Should I Look for Treatment?

If you have finally gotten to the point where you’ve said to yourself, “I need help with drug addiction,” the first thing you need to do is find a safe, effective rehab program where you can begin your treatment. Let us help you today. Call 800-430-1407Who Answers? or try searching our directory.

Has Drug Addiction Taken Over My Life?

One of the best ways to know if you need help for drug addiction is to consider how your substance abuse is affecting your life and if it is creating serious negative issues more often than not. Ask yourself the questions below to determine if it’s time for you to seek treatment for addiction.

  • Am I using more than I used to in order to experience the same effects I once did?
  • Do I need drugs in order to get up in the morning and/or to go to bed at night?
  • If I am not able to use, do I experience withdrawal symptoms?
  • Have my friends, family members, coworkers, etc. brought up my substance abuse and their concerns about it more than once?
  • Has my drug use affected my work or school performance?
  • Have I been suspended, fired, or experienced other negative professional consequences of my drug use?
  • Have I considered switching to harder drugs in order to experience stronger effects?
  • Have I experienced any financial issues associated with my drug abuse?
  • Have I experienced any legal issues associated with my drug abuse?
  • Do I know I need help with drug addiction, but until now, have refused to seek it?
  • Have I tried to quit or cut back on my own and been unsuccessful?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you do need to seek a professional treatment program for your substance abuse, as it has likely become a serious addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, without professional help, it is extremely difficult for one to recover from an addiction syndrome, and as a result, treatment is necessary for a safe and effective recovery.

What Kind Of Treatment Am I Looking For?

I Need Help with Drug Addiction

There is no need to struggle any longer! Start your addiction recovery today!

When you realize you need help for an addiction, one of the first things to do is to determine what type of help you need. Professional rehab is usually the best option for recovery, but there are several different types of rehab programs available for drug addiction recovery.

Inpatient or Outpatient Care

Some individuals can recover from addiction safely in an outpatient center, or a program that offers treatment to patients who leave the facility after their treatment for the day has ended. According to the NIDA, people with “jobs or extensive social supports” often fare better in these rehab programs.

However, some people require more intensive treatment for their addictions. This can be found in inpatient facilities, which provide 24-hour care in a controlled environment. Patients in need of inpatient care are often those who

  • Are suffering from comorbid disorders
  • Have polydrug addictions, or are addicted to more than one type of drug
  • Do not have a strong social support system at home
  • Do not live in an environment that is conducive to recovery

Some inpatient programs provide hospitalization while others do not. Non-hospital-based inpatient facilities centers are usually called residential centers.

Short-term or Long-term Care

Depending on the severity of your addiction syndrome, you may need to seek a long-term care program. As stated by the NIDA, patients should usually attend treatment for at least 90 days in order to experience beneficial results. However, some facilities offer shorter rehab programs that can be paired with other options while others offer longer programs to those who need them.

Detox Centers

If you want to begin your recovery from drug addiction by withdrawing from your drug dependence under medical supervision, you can do so in a detox center. Many rehab centers also provide detox treatment as part of their recovery programs. It is important to remember, though, that detox alone is not considered treatment for addiction.

Luxury Rehab Centers

Luxury rehab centers provide hotel-like accommodations and special amenities for patients who are looking for comfortable and peaceful rehab options.

Private Rehab Centers

The goal of private rehab is to protect the privacy of patients above all else. These facilities ensure that patients can safely recover from their substance abuse issues without the possibility of others finding out where they are or bothering them while they seek care.

Remote or Local Rehab

Some individuals choose to seek a rehab option that is close to home so they can stay involved with their families, work, go to school, or live their daily lives. Others may want to seek a treatment option that is more remote in order to get time away from these daily responsibilities and to be able to concentrate more on their recoveries.

After saying, “I need help with drug addiction,” ask yourself, “What kind of help?” This will allow you to look for the kind of treatment program you most require from the options above. After all, the NIDA states, “No single treatment program is appropriate for everyone,” and each and every patient needs to be able to receive the care that is more effective for their needs.

10 Questions you Need to Ask to Find the Right Inpatient Treatment Center for You

Where Should I Look for the Best Treatment Option for Me?

One of the easiest ways to seek out the best treatment option available for your current needs is to use our directory or to call 800-430-1407Who Answers?. We have treatment facilities listed by state, city, and address in order for you to find one that is in the appropriate area, that provides the treatment options you require, and that will be effective for your needs.

  • Our treatment advisory line is available 24/7 to help you find the safest, most effective options for your recovery from drug addiction. When you call, tell the advisor, “I need help with drug addiction,” and they will be able to aid you in finding the right option for your needs.
  • Our advisors ask questions like “How long have you been using drugs,” “What type of substances do you use,” and “What type of care are you seeking?” This is because they want to use your history to find the best treatment option for your recovery. Your answers are confidential, and you will not be expected to give information with which you are not comfortable.
  • When you speak to an advisor, they may also ask you about your insurance plan so they can help you find a rehab program that will accept it. This can make paying for treatment much easier.
  • After they collect the necessary information, the treatment advisor will be able to match you with a rehab program (or more than one) that suits your needs. They can help to call the facility and talk to someone there in order to ensure that they will be able to help you.
  • Your treatment advisor can also help you form a plan to get into the program of your choice and to begin your recovery as safely as possible. Any additional questions about the process of recovery can also be answered when you call, including how treatment works.

It can be hard to find the best rehab option on your own. But getting help from others can make the process much easier and allow you to learn more about the type of program for which you should be searching. In addition to calling our hotline, you can also ask your friends and family members to help you look for treatment. Your doctor may have insight into what type of program would best suit your needs and which facilities are in your area as well.

I Need Help With Drug Addiction, and I Want to Begin My Recovery Today.

You can start your recovery from drug addiction as soon as you admit that you have a problem for which you need help and make a promise to yourself to seek that help. Once you seriously begin looking for a rehab option, you will be able to discover that there are many programs all over the country that will offer you the care you need and help you make a change.

Let us help you begin your journey of recovery as soon as possible. Call 800-430-1407Who Answers? now, and speak to a treatment advisor about your rehab options, your insurance plan, and your questions about addiction treatment and recovery.

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