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Can Free Detox Centers Help Me?

Though the best way to to avoid the consequences of drug abuse is to take preventative measures, those who are already addicted will need treatment. In many cases, this usually starts with detoxification. According to the NLM, “Detoxification (detox) is the withdrawal of the substance abruptly in an environment where there is good support. Detoxification can be done on an inpatient or outpatient basis,” depending on the severity of the individual’s condition and the withdrawal syndrome the substance is likely to cause.

Many detox clinics are expensive, especially those which provide inpatient treatment. However, free detox centers do exist and can be extremely beneficial to individuals in specific situations.

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Why Seek Free Detox Treatment?

For some individuals, detox is not a viable treatment method or another method is more beneficial. However, many individuals who attend detox are able to work through their withdrawal symptoms in an environment that is controlled and where they can receive the medication they may need under the supervision of a doctor. Certain situations may call for an individual to attend a detox clinic before addiction treatment, such as:

  • Wanting to get off the substance as quickly as possible and being very serious about getting sober
  • Experiencing intense withdrawal syndromes that require constant care like
    • Alcohol’s delirium tremens which, according to the NLM, causes seizures, hallucinations, and severe confusion
    • Stimulant-induced psychosis, which can be caused by methamphetamine, cocaine, or prescription stimulant abuse and often entails violent behavior, aggression, paranoia, and homicidal or suicidal thoughts
  • A need for a controlled environment where the individual is unable to have any possible access to the drug for an extended period of time
  • A safe place where an individual can withdraw if they are coping with
    • Comorbid mental disorders
    • A home environment that is not conducive to recovery
    • Severe depression as a result of withdrawal

While detox can be extremely helpful in many cases, it can also be expensive to attend one of these facilities, especially those which provide patients with everything they may need (including inpatient care, comorbidity treatment, or medical care in the event of a physical condition). Fortunately, as SAMHSA states, “Some facilities offer substance abuse treatment at no charge or a sliding fee scale based on income and other factors.” This includes detox treatment in many cases.

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Would Free Detox Treatment Be Available to Me?

These facilities usually offer care to those individuals who can provide proof of a low income or severe financial distress. This issue is common among many drug addicted individuals, and sometimes prevents addicts from receiving the kind of treatment they need. If you are an individual who would not likely be able to attend treatment at regular prices, free detox treatment may be available to you.

There are also other types of detox clinics that, while not completely free, may be partially free or provide a sliding-fee scale to those individuals who wish to receive treatment. You can use the Inpatientdrugrehabcenters.com‘s directory in order to find facilities in your area and ask about their payment options.

How Can Free Detox Help?

If you are able to attend a free detox center, there are many ways in which this kind of treatment can be helpful to you. According to the SIUH, their inpatient detoxification program “is a short, variable length of stay service” similar to many other free detox programs which helps patients end their dependence on drugs and alcohol over the course of about a week.

This short-term treatment may seem concerning to those who have severe addictions as they will absolutely need further help than one week of detox. However, completing a medically-assisted withdrawal regimen does not mean that a person’s addiction to a substance is gone, and free detox clinics often provide help to their patients by arranging free addiction treatment for them after they have finished the program. This is one way in which many users can find help at a free detox center.

Other ways in which free detox can help you are by

drug detox help

Free detoxification clinics can help you get on the road to recovery.

  • Allowing you to receive the kind of treatment necessary (often medication-based) to get through your withdrawal symptoms more comfortably and without extreme pain or dangerous consequences
    • According to SAMHSA, “The course of alcohol withdrawal,” for example, “is unpredictable” and “even mild levels of opioid use commonly produce uncomfortable levels of withdrawal symptoms.” Free detox can minimize these issues and make it much easier and safer for a person to go through withdrawal.
  • Giving you access to other necessary treatments such as counseling sessions, blood and other medical tests, and consultations with a doctor
  • Suggesting alternatives to formal treatment such as sober living houses, halfway houses, or others
  • Providing a safe space in which you can also meet other individuals who are going through the same problems you are and doctors, nurses, and counselors who care about your recovery
  • Allowing you to receive many of the treatments necessary for your recovery that would otherwise be too expensive

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How to Know a Free Treatment Program is Not for You

Like all treatment types, free detox centers are merely not as beneficial to certain patients as they are to others. While they may seem to be essential for every individual, “no single treatment is appropriate for everyone” (NIDA). Here are some ways to know that you may want to start your addiction treatment elsewhere.

  • You have attended short-term detox before without success.
  • You need to be maintained on a medication such as buprenorphine or methadone in the long-term in order to stop abusing illicit drugs.
  • You have been severely addicted to one or more substances for several years or longer, meaning that your withdrawal will likely take time and should not be treated through a swift detox method.

If your experience is similar to one of these conditions, free detox centers may not be able to help you, but you should absolutely consider the possibility of other treatment types. Free addiction treatment centers exist all over the country, and even if you start with one that is detox-based, you will still need to attend formal addiction treatment afterward in order to experience a solid recovery. However, free detox centers can absolutely be beneficial to certain individuals.

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