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Why Inpatient Rehab Before the Holidays

There are many stories of family gatherings going horribly wrong because of drugs and alcohol. Due to the stress and depression that many people feel during this season, fights break out among friends and family. It is an unfortunate fact and drugs and alcohol just makes this stress worse for everyone. The holidays are an extremely stressful time for everyone and there are a few reasons why you might want to consider inpatient rehab before the holidays.

Rapid Detox

Rapid detox is one of the newer forms of rehabilitation. It can take the worst part of withdrawal and detoxification away in just a few sessions rather than weeks and months. The problem with rapid detox is there are usually some breakthrough symptoms of withdrawal. This is where drug maintenance comes in. It is important to note that according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, rapid detox does not always work and there are often issues that require further management and counseling.

Getting on a Drug Regiment

Being sober will be a wonderful gift for your family!

Being sober will be a wonderful gift for your family!

When you go through an inpatient detox, one of the most important parts of it is discovering the cause of the addiction and starting treatment for it. This usually may be done before the full stress of the holidays strikes. Most people who go through inpatient detox go into an outpatient program, leaving them home for the holidays.

If the cause of the addiction is depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or another mental illness, it is possible that legitimate non-addictive medications can treat the cause and lessen the desire to return to drug use. This at least will allow you some comfort during the holiday season.

Family Gatherings and Parties will Change

Many of the issues and fights that are started because of your drug or alcohol use will not happen. If you family and friends still use drugs, it will be as if you are on the outside looking in. While you are off the drugs and sober, you will be able to make more rational decisions as to when to fight and when to walk away from the gathering.

Once you are in treatment, a completely new world of decision-making and rationality will open up. You will not be a slave to the drug any longer. By starting in inpatient treatment before the holidays, you can get the addiction under control and be able to enjoy the holidays without the drug looming over you. After you inpatient session, you can join outpatient programs for counseling and medication management.

Resigning yourself to inpatient addiction treatment before the holidays is not an easy decision but it is the right one. Enjoying family and friends is much easier without the influence of drugs and alcohol. Remember inpatient treatment is usually only to get you started, the rest can be accomplished in outpatient counseling and medication management depending on the root cause of the addiction.

Many people choose inpatient treatment to get sober before the holidays; some even choose it as a New Year’s resolution. For more information on starting inpatient rehab before the holidays, call us at 800-681-7369Who Answers?.

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