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How to act During a Christmas Visit to Someone in Inpatient Rehab

One of the more influential types of inpatient counseling for drug addiction is family therapy, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This makes Christmas and holiday visits with your loved one in inpatient rehab even more important. If you have a friend or loved one in rehab during the holidays, a visit is one of the most important things that you can do for them. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know how to act around someone recovering from drug or alcohol addiction and even more strange when they are still in inpatient rehab.

Be Yourself

If you are close to the person, there is no reason not to act like you normally would. Things will feel awkward at first but that will rapidly go away. Remember they are the same person you knew before they went into inpatient rehab, they are just trying to improve their lives.

Just like visiting someone in the hospital, things will feel strange. You might not know what to talk about at first or you might feel as if you should not be there, but gradually things get more comfortable.

Wait Until they Want to Talk

Show you care during your holiday visit.

Show you care during your holiday visit.

Some people will want to talk about their rehab experiences while others will not. It is always best to wait until they feel like talking about it. Instead of peppering them with questions and insisting that they tell you everything, start with talking about day to day things. How your life is going and how much you miss having them around.

Sometimes the ordinary is preferable to the things that are going on with them in rehab. It is always best to wait until they pick up the subject and decide to tell you what they are going through or feeling.

Although not always the case, most people open up after just a few minutes of idle talking. Don’t forget your friend or family member will want to hear all about the news from back home particularly if it has to do with children and their families.

Do Not Expect too Much

It is important to understand that a person in inpatient rehab is going through drug withdrawal and addiction. They might be:

  • moody,
  • unpredictable,
  • sullen,
  • uncooperative,
  • talkative about random things,
  • depressed, or
  • anxious.

Remember if this is your first visit with them, they might be nervous about seeing you again. Seeking inpatient treatment is a huge choice for many people and it changes the way that they think about things. Their reactions might be different than you expected depending on how long they’ve been in an inpatient rehab.


If there are Christmas activities going on in the rehab center, try to participate in the festivities. Some rehabs have gift giving, carols, and other events to help the clients celebrate the holiday season. If you can, encourage your friend or family member to join in.

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