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7 Reasons to Choose Inpatient Rehab the First Time

Finding drug addiction treatment is a difficult task. After looking at the possibilities, you might be confused about which is the best treatment for you. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, inpatient treatment is an excellent way to recovery from drug addiction and abuse. Although many people choose to try a method like cold turkey or outpatient care, there are many reasons why you should try inpatient rehab the first time.

1. You can be Away from the Stress of Home or Work while you Recover

Stress is a major cause of drug abuse and addiction. When you are stressed because of work or a situation at home it is very easy to go back to using drugs or alcohol. Being away from this stress can help you recover faster and more completely.

2. You can Receive Monitored Medical Treatment for Withdrawal

Drug withdrawal is difficult on the body. Suffering from withdrawal may cause:

Choose Inpatient Rehab

You’ll receive monitored medical treatment while in inpatient rehab.

  • heart complications such as arrhythmia and rapid heart rate
  • extremely high or low blood pressure
  • seizures and convulsions
  • anxiety
  • paranoia
  • depression
  • sometimes death depending on the drug

Having a medical staff to monitor you through withdrawal can help to prevent some of the more severe complications.

3. Medical and Mental Illnesses are Treated at the Same Time as the Addiction

Medical and mental illnesses are both a cause and an effect of withdrawal. With a medical staff available, these conditions are treatable immediately. It does not take separate visits to regulate medications when medical staff is available immediately. They can start you on medications for both the addiction and the other illnesses.

4. The Therapy Available in Inpatient Rehab is Extensive

Both the standard therapies and alternative therapies are usually available in an inpatient rehab. You can participate in the therapies that you need right away. A few of the therapy choices are:

  • individual counseling
  • group counseling
  • art, music, and pet therapy
  • 12 step therapy
  • alternative therapies such as hypnosis and guided meditation

Many of these therapies are available daily.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

5. There is a Built in Support Structure during Inpatient Rehab

A support structure is extremely beneficial to recovery. In inpatient rehab you have a built in support structure. The staff and other patients help to form the support that you need to be able to stop using drugs.

6. There are No Environmental Temptations During an Inpatient Stay

While you are in a residential facility there are no outside or environmental temptations. You are not exposed to your triggers, nor are you exposed to active drug use. Part of recovery is learning to deal with these two things. It is beneficial to have a place to learn the coping mechanisms you need before having to confront triggers and other environmental factors.

7. Inpatient Rehab is a Proven Way to Beat Drug Addiction

Inpatient rehab has a very high success rate. Several studies show that the isolation and intensive therapy that inpatient care provides help to put you on the road to recovery. If inpatient care suits you, you should try it first rather than as a last resort. To find the right inpatient care center for you call us at 800-681-7369Who Answers?.

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