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Athens Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

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Addiction treatment in Athens, GA helps you overcome physical dependency on alcohol and drugs including clonazepam, amphetamine, and Adderall. The treatments available at inpatient drug rehab in Athens address addiction as a whole, and are administered by caring medical staff devoted to making your recovery as comfortable as possible.

If you’re suffering from addiction, call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 800-681-7369 to speak with a drug abuse counselor about your inpatient drug rehab options.

Georgia Therapy Associates Inc
111 Athens West Parkway
Athens, GA 30606
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DM and ADR Inc
1710 Commerce Road
Athens, GA 30607
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Athens Area Commencement Center
1175 Mitchell Bridge Road
Athens, GA 30606
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How to Choose the Best Inpatient Drug Rehab in Athens, GAInpatient Drug Rehab Centers in Athens, GA

Choose an inpatient drug rehab that treats addiction using detoxification, counseling, and aftercare. These treatments address addiction both physically and mentally, and teach you how to navigate the world as a sober, healthier, and more confident individual after leaving rehab. The best inpatient drug rehabs in Athens will customize addiction treatments just for you based on your personal recovery needs.

Other factors that go into choosing an inpatient drug rehab include location, amenities, and treatment type. For instance, if your goal is to stay near family and friends, choose an inpatient drug rehab nearest your home in Athens. If you want yoga and fitness integrated into your treatment plan, choose a luxury or holistic rehab center that offers these therapies.

How Long Does Addiction Treatment Take?

The length of addiction treatment in Athens can take anywhere between several days and several months, depending on your addiction type, addiction status, and personal motivation to stay sober. If you’ve been abusing a mild substance like marijuana for a brief period of time, your addiction treatment may only last between 30 and 45 days. If you’ve been abusing a more potent substance such as fentanyl for an extended period of time, you may benefit from spending 60 to 120 days at inpatient drug rehab.

If you’re not sure which program length is best for you, your physician at rehab will recommend one based on your unique personal history with addiction.

Long-Term Inpatient Drug Rehab in Athens, Georgia

If you’ve been struggling with addiction for many years, or have tried addiction treatments in the past and failed to stay sober, then long-term inpatient drug rehab may be your best option. Long-term inpatient drug rehabs in Athens allow you to recover from addiction at your own pace surrounded by attentive medical staff dedicated to guiding you along the path to sobriety. Long-term programs usually last a minimum of 120 days, and can be extended as needed until you fully overcome addiction as a whole.

Paying for Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab in Athens can be made affordable for nearly anyone coping with addiction. Health insurance is accepted at most inpatient drug rehabs, while sliding-scale payment methods are commonly used to decrease treatment costs for those with lower income. If your goal is to seek free treatment, look into whether you qualify to receive treatment at inpatient drug rehabs funded by the state, churches, and local organizations.

Find a Rehab Center in Athens

Use our inpatient drug rehab directory to search and explore nearby treatment facilities in Athens. Our caring drug abuse counselors are also on standby 24/7 to answer all your questions about addiction treatments and inpatient drug rehabs. We know it can be overwhelming to find a rehab center while also suffering from addiction; let us provide you with all the resources you need to get help.

Don’t continue suffering from drug addiction in silence; get help now to improve your health, happiness and overall livelihood. Call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 800-681-7369 to learn more about inpatient drug rehabs in Athens devoted to helping you achieve lifelong sobriety.

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